The Benefits of Investing in east europe


Country’s surface: 238 390 km2
19, 9 M. inhabitants
Capital city: Bucharest (2 M. inhabitants)
Official language: Romanian (Latin)
Business languages used: English, German French, Italian

Currency: Leu (Ron)
Income taxes: 16%
Withholding on dividends: 10%
VAT: 20%
Unemployment rate: 6,8% (2015)

Steady economic growth

The real GDP growth rate was 3,8% in 2015 Q4 compared with 2014 Q4,
one of the highest in EU28.

Current forecasts estimate growth at 4,2% in 2016, according to the European Commission’s forecasts for Romania following the pro-growth fiscal policy, including tax cuts.

GDP growth rate  in 2015 (Eurostat)

Salaries / Hourly rates

In 2015, hourly labor costs in industry was 5 Euro per hour (five times lower than EU28 average of 25,9 euro per hour.
According to Eurostat, in January 2016, 22 out of the 28 EU Member States had set a national minimum wage and the monthly minimum wages varied widely in EU Member States.
Romania has the second lowest minimum wage, around 233 Euro per month, after Bulgaria, with 215 euro per month (even lower then China, which has 275 € per month)

The most lucrative sectors

IT & C
Aircraft industry
Manufacturing industry

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